Monday, 4 October 2010


In the last few months I've been going through a weird phase of adoring anything cute and furry (I know it worries me too). Kittens seems to be the big obsession mainly, just above adorable pugs (triggered by that 'dog in a wig' orange advert).
Not long ago I used to love nothing more than to chase any cat I caught shitting in our garden around the house so I could kick the buggery out of it, but now my attitude has somewhat changed. I've watched my fair share of cat videos on youtube ('surprised kitty' being the personal favourite) and now I just want to squeeze them to death because they're so cute.
I'm not the only one though it seems. I've seen a lot of artwork circulating for a while now that focuses on our feline friends, especially in the music industry. New albums by Best Coast, Wavves and The Klaxons all have cats on their covers, and theirs plenty of designers using them as their subjects for art work, perhaps because it's seen as 'cool' and it's the 'in' thing right now. I reckon Beth from Best Coast is to blame. I'm in a catch 22 because i'm bored of it all now but I bloody love pussies!

get your cute cat fix here......

above image by this 'ere artiste....

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