Monday, 8 November 2010


One of the biggest names in Graphic design today (if not the biggest), Neville Brody has had a career that has spanned over three decades to date. Hailed by many, and hated by some, his skills cannot be apprehended no matter what your view on him may be.
He first shot to prominence in the early eighties when designing record sleeves for various record labels, before working on cult British magazine ‘The Face’ as an art director. He has since worked for other magazine and newspapers such as City Limits, Arena, The Guardian and more recently The Times in 2006, where he was given the task of creating a complete re-design for the paper and created the typeface ‘Times Modern’ used as the body text for the paper, to replace Times New Roman that had been used since 1932.

Above: The Face magazine who Neville worked for as an art director during its heyday in the eighties
Below: An exclusive wallpaper subscribers magazine cover which translates as 'I hate design' designed in 2009

His studio, Research studios was created in 1994, which now has a presence in New York, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and of course London. The company has worked with a wide array of international clients, too many to mention.
Brody’s style was originally influenced heavily by the punk movement of the 70’s, which was in full flow when he was studying as a student in London. This punk aesthetic has followed through his work ever since, evolving and changing through the years due to the birth of the digital era.
Brody is known for his many skills but his experimental typography is perhaps at the forefront of everything he has accomplished in his hugely successful career. He was one of the founding members of FontWorks in London where he created many notable typefaces, as well as with Fuse, an experimental typography publication, which has produced three major conferences, with more planned for the future. Fuse is published by ‘FontShop’, an online digital type retailer set up in 1989 along with German typographer Eric Spiekermann……

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