Monday, 13 December 2010


Eyup, been a while since i've used the old blog but there's good reason for that. Hectic work schedule, deadlines to meet and all that malarky. Finally i'm done for the year at Uni though so I can take a nice month long break for Christmas and New Year. As well as finishing my University work i've just finished setting up my new website. Well it's not officially a website, it's a cargo account, but it's a start.
go have a peak if you wish........

I'm hoping santa will get me a web domain name for christmas, along with a few typefaces and some lovely design books. It's a long shot but the money towards those would be nice, that and a bunch of printed business cards.

Anyway, happy holidays, and I'm sure you'll get see a lot more posts up on here over the next month with me having so little to do to keep myself occupied when I go home this Christmas.

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