Sunday, 4 July 2010


With all this fine weather we've been having so far this summer, and the fact that I need to shift a fair few pounds, I feel the need to jump on two wheels and get active.
Having ridden a heavy and rather ugly raleigh max mountain bike since the age of 12 I feel the need to move onto a more sophisticated ride for the road, which is why I've dug out my dad's old road bike from the back of our junk filled garage.
I want a bike for University when I go back for my second year, and although having my head turned by several sweet rides, I realise it would be best to bring this rusty thing back from the dead.
After I dusted the thing down and blew off a few cobwebs I could see it needed a little work doing on it.
Aimee told me about a bike rescue center in York, which I'm gonna go to, to get this baby restored to it's former glory!
So I wanted to show the bike BEFORE restoration, and then i'll be uploading a photo AFTER my ride has been pimped.

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