Sunday, 4 July 2010


This is a personal project I'm hoping to get up and running when I get back to University in September.
It's a blog that I want to use to promote and showcase local Liverpool talent involved in the arts, such as music, contemporary art, design & photography. As well as this, there'll be updates and reviews on new gallery exhibitions and music gigs in the city.
I'll be looking for contributors at some point to help me with posts and advertising if there's volunteers, and if this project actually works i'd love expand the whole thing and work on creating various arty events under the 'Jump In The Pool' name to promote the best young arty farty talent Liverpool has to offer. I may be looking far too way ahead of myself as this could easily fall flat on its arse, but it's something i've been interested in doing for a while, so I thought 'fuck it, just go for it.'.
Nothing's up on the blog as yet, as it seems pointless blogging about what's going on in the 'pool at the moment when I'm not even there for the summer.
Anyway, if anyone wants to jump on board and help me out with this thing, i.e. graphic arts students, (if any of you read my blog!) then let me know. I thought this would be an easier alternative to faffing around and organizing an LJMU arts society basically!

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